Deployment of Eritrean soldiers into Tigray

One of the social media posts debunked by HaqCheck last week was a Facebook post sharing an image with a claim that soldiers of Eritrean, Ethiopian, and Amhara forces are transported to launch attacks via the Tekeze river up to northeastern areas of Tigray.

However, Haqcheck looked into the image and confirmed that the image doesn’t prove the claim.

The image was first posted one year ago on Sep 16, 2021. The post was rated False due to the fact that it used an inaccurate image.

A fighting between Ethiopian and TPLF armed units led by Sudanese generals

A Facebook post appeared on Sep 19 sharing four images claiming that the Ethiopian army along with the Amhara Special Police Forces and militia destroyed TPLF armed units that tried to launch attacks from Sudan via Humera and Metema. The claim also added that the TPLF armed units were led by Sudanese generals.

Nonetheless, the images presented in the post are found to be old and don’t support the claim.

The first image was shared along with three other pictures on Facebook on Jan 2, 2021, with a description that TPLF forces using heavy artillery destroyed military vehicles in Eritrea.

The second image was published on Facebook on Jul 23, 2021 claiming that TPLF forces took control of Kobo town.

The third picture was published on a website in Feb 21, 2014, and describes that picture shows Thailand’s battle tanks.

The fourth image was found on a YouTube video published on Jul 31, 2021, and was used as a thumbnail. Therefore, the post was rated False.

A video on the situation of Adi Arkay town

A video regarding the current status of the town of Adi Arkay was shared on social media with different claims.

As the fighting between the Ethiopian government and the TPLF resumed in the end of last month, there have been claims on social media regarding the advance and military achievements of the belligerents.

There was a social media claim that TPLF forces took control of the town of Adi Arkay recently.

A few days later a video came out with a claim that TPLF forces didn’t seize the town of Adi Arkay.

The next day, the same video was posted with the claim that it shows TPLF forces took control of the place.

HaqCheck could not verify if the video was old or new, and where and who recorded it. However, the person shown in the video is heard of speaking in Amharic that the particular place was not yet controlled by the TPLF forces.


HaqCheck urges the government to ensure and guarantee full access to information by giving timely updates regarding ongoing issues of public affairs.

Social media users should not easily be misled. They should first cross-check the information at hand before they believe it and share it with others.

We recommend social media content creators be responsible and refrain from circulating false information.

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