A Twitter (X) account that has more than six thousand followers shared a short clip on June 4, 2024, claiming that the video shows a protest against Fano in Gondar. The video has got more than two thousand views.

However, HaqCheck inspected the post and proved that the caption accompanying the clip was used to suggest the protest was against Fano militants misleadingly.

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The ongoing conflict across Amahara between the Fano militia and the FDRE indeed brings much related information across different social media.

In April 2024, many reports said that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters controlled the Alamata area.  According to a report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the number of people displaced by violent confrontations in Alamata Town, Raya Alamata, Zata, and Ofla woredas surpassed 50,000.  

During the conflict, different reports claimed that TPLF fighters were robbing healthcare facilities and transporting them back to Tigray.

Haqcheck inspected the video and found that the video was shared in Mainstream media like Amhara Media Corporation. As of the videos we can see that the demonstrations were not a protest against Fano militants. 

We can learn from the demonstration itself being about Raya, as we can also see from the banners they held as proof that it was in Raya not in Gondar.

Haqcheck investigated the video and found that it was shared in mainstream media outlets such as Amhara Media Corporation, and the video shows that the demonstrations were not a protest against Fano. The demonstration takes place in Raya, not Gondar, as stated in the tweet. We can learn this from the demonstration itself, as well as the banners they held, which prove that it was in Raya rather than Gondar.

The banners in the clip mainly convey ideas that oppose the re-registration of TPLF as a party after being designated as a terrorist organization during the Tigray war in 2021, The Ethiopian parliament passed legislation allowing the Tigray People’s Liberation on June 4.2024.

This is one of the banners seen in the demonstration (readers can see in full clips) that protested against the re-registration of TPLF as a party again in 2024. This disagrees with the claim made by the tweet alongside the clip. We can clearly see the claim does indeed not accurately define the reason for the demonstration, the context tweeted by the user is solely direct as if the demonstration is a protest against Fano.

We can also clearly see a banner held by the protesters a guy named Yared Melkamu who was claimed to be killed by the TPLF forces in Raya. In Addition to all that the Amhara media corporation reported the demonstration from this, we can see it is not Gondar but Raya, even if the headline of the report which was “THE PEOPLE OF RAYA ALAMATA DENOUNCED TPLF INVASION AND ATROCITIES WITH PUBLIC DEMONSTRATION”.

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Because of these reasons, we can conclude that the video doesn’t show a protest against Fano as claimed by the Twitter account. Users must share accurate information responsibly since social media pots can address many people, anyone who comes across with this kind of information must be alert before sharing it with others.

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