A Facebook post appeared on Sep 19 sharing four images claiming that the Ethiopian army along with the Amhara Special Police Forces and militia destroyed TPLF armed units that tried to launch attacks from Sudan via Humera and Metema. The claim also added that the TPLF armed units were led by Sudanese generals.

However, HaqCheck confirmed that the images presented in the post are old and don’t prove the claim. Thus, the post was rated False.

Fighting between the Ethiopian government and TPLF forces resumed after a cessation of hostilities was declared on Mar 24, 2022.

On Aug 16, 2022, the TPLF said that the federal government already violated the cessation of hostilities jointly declared at the end of March. The TPLF claimed that the armed forces of the federal government attacked its forces with artillery and tanks.

The TPLF forces stated on Aug 24, 2022, that the federal government had launched attacks against its armed forces in the southern Tigray areas. It further said that the primary intention of the attacks by the federal government was to launch integrated attacks on the western front.

On Sep 2, 2022, Bloomberg reported that hundreds of ex-UN peacekeepers joined a battle for a strategic town of Humera fighting against Ethiopian armed forces.

It is in this situation that a post emerged on Facebook sharing four different images with a claim that TPLF armed units led by Sudanese generals were destroyed by the federal government-led allied forces while trying to attack entering from Sudan.

Nonetheless, the images presented in the post are found to be old and don’t support the claim.

The first image was shared along with three other pictures on Facebook on Jan 2, 2021, with a description that TPLF forces destroyed military vehicles in Eritrea using heavy artillery.

The second image was published on Facebook on Jul 23, 2021, claiming that TPLF forces took control of Kobo town.

The third picture was published on a website on Feb 21, 2014, and describes that the picture shows Thailand’s battle tanks.

The fourth image was found on a YouTube video published on Jul 31, 2021, and was used as a thumbnail.

Therefore given the aforementioned discussions, the post was rated False.

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