On Sep 20, 2022, a Facebook page posted an image claiming soldiers of Eritrean, Ethiopian, and Amhara forces were being transported to launch attacks via the Tekeze river up to northeastern areas of Tigray. This page has over 400 thousand followers and the post has been shared over 800 times. 

However, HaqCheck looked into the image and confirmed that it doesn’t prove the claim. The image is old and was posted on Facebook on Sep 16, 2021.

 After months of tension, the federal government of Ethiopia and TPLF went to war on Nov 3, 2020.

 The federal government allied with other regional government forces removed TPLf from Mekelle and other major Tigay region towns after three weeks of conventional war.

 However, the conflict became protracted since TPLF proceeded with guerrilla warfare.

 After months, the federal government together with the temporary administration of Tigray  declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew its forces from most Tigray region towns

 Immediately, TPLF forces controlled Tigray’s capital city Mekelle and most parts of Tigray.

 The conflict didn’t stop there as TPLF advanced its force towards some adjacent areas of the Amhara and Afar region. TPLF reached and controlled major towns in the Amhara regions, which are very close to Addis Ababa. 

 As the Ethiopian military and other allied regional forces launched a counterattack against  TPLF, the federal government regained the captured areas of the Amhara and Afar regions by TPLF.

 On March 24, 2022, the Ethiopian government declared the secession of hostilities. Soon TPLF accepted the declaration.

 Peace talks had been underway by a third-party mediator. The African Union assigned its Horn of Africa special envoy, Olusegun Obasanjo to facilitate the peace talks. Obasanjo was a former Nigerian president. He went back and forth to broker the peace process between the two parties.

 However, TPLF indicates that it doesn’t have confidence in Obasanjo. TPLF said Obasanjo is incompetent and impartial to facilitate the peace talks between them.

 On Aug 16, 2022, TPLF announced that the federal government already violated the cessation of hostilities jointly declared at the end of March. It claimed the armed forces of the federal government fired artillery and attacked its forces.

 It further stated that the main intention of the attacks by the federal government was to launch an integrated attack on the western front. On the other hand, the Ethiopian government said TPLF started the war.

 On Sep 20, 2022, Getachew Reda, a spokesperson of the TPLF forces said on his Twitter post that Eritrea had launched massive full-scale attacks against TPLF armed units on multiple fronts.

 Amid this situation, on Sep 20, 2022, a Facebook page posted an image claiming soldiers of Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Amhara forces are being transported to launch fresh attacks toward Tigray.

However, Haqcheck looked into the image and confirmed that the image doesn’t prove the claim.

The image was first posted one year ago on Sep 16, 2021 in an article titled “Ethiopia : UN-TPLF scandal like another layer of tacit support surfaced”

Thus, HaqCheck rendered the post False due to its use of an inaccurate image to support the claim.

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