A viral claim appeared on Facebook on July 14 reporting that Yonas Zewde, the head of the Communications Office of the Addis Ababa City Administration, resigned from his position. The post further explained that the communications head resigned because of widespread corruption within the current government and that the administration doesn’t care about the future of the country.

However, HaqCheck confirmed that Yonas Zewde, the former communications head didn’t resign from his previous post. The administration assigned him to another position.

The claim that Yonas Zewde recently resigned from his post emerged amid a situation when some government officials have been arrested and dismissed.

The police announced this week that it arrested Mitiku Kassa, a former Commissioner of the National Disaster Risk Management Commission suspected of alleged corruption.

The Addis Ababa city administration has dismissed the recent condominium lottery draw due to a claimed tech tampering by officials within the city administration. It also announced that it is inquiring into the case and investigating the officials.

The report that the former communications bureau head has recently resigned followed the controversy over the condo houses lottery draw.

Yonas Zewde is a member of the Prosperity Party and was elected to the Addis Ababa City Council during the sixth general elections conducted last year.

He was appointed by the Mayor to be the head of the City Administration’s communication head last year.

Al Ain Amharic reported quoting him a few days ago that the former communications head Yonas Zewde is just assigned to another post. Yonas’ transfer to another position is also confirmed in the report by Abdi Tsegaye, the current head of the Communications Office who succeeded Yonas. 

HaqCheck reached out to Yonas in an effort to clarify the information. However, he declined to comment saying that he will officially publicize the issue by himself. 

Therefore, HaqCheck confirms that the former Addis Ababa City Administration communications head, Yonas Zewde did not resign from his position and was just appointed to another position by the administration.

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