An entertainment website called Urban Matter posted an article on May 10, 2022, titled, “10 places to rest away from the society.” and listed out the countries with the places in which the website claims to give an idea of where your next vacation should be. 

The website explains that Lake Langano is a beautiful Lake Found in the Gambela region and people can swim with dolphins and take a boat ride under a full moon.

However, HaqCheck has examined the description of Lake Langano and rated it False.

Gambella National Regional State is rich in water resources. The major rivers flowing in the region are the Baro, Akobo, Allewero, and Gillo. These rivers have major tributaries large enough for the local population to depend on as far as irrigation and pastoralism purposes are concerned. 

The Baro-Akobo catchments are the Baro and its tributaries (Birbir, Geba, Sor), the Alwero, and the Gilo with its tributaries (Gecheb, Bitun, Beg), and the Akobo with its tributary Kashu.

A Wikipedia article that was edited for the last time on Apr 8, 2022, reads that there are 26 Lakes in Ethiopia with confirmed coordinates. Whereas Lake Chelektu, Lake Gargori, and Lake Laitali are the Lakes with unconfirmed coordinates.

Lake Langano is a Freshwater Lake found in the Oromia Regional State, exactly 200 kilometers by road south of the capital, Addis Ababa, on the border between the East Shewa Zone and Arsi Zones. It is located to the east of Lake Abijatta in the Main Ethiopian Rift. 

According to FAO, Lake Langano comprises five fish species named Barbu tanapelagius, Clarias gariepinus (African sharp tooth catfish), Garra dembecha, Labeobarbus intermedius, Oreochromis nilotics.  

The types of different Fish species in Lake Langano 

Barbu tanapelagius Link

Clarius gariepinus Link

Garra dembecha Link 

Labeobarbus intermedius Link 

Orechromis niloticus Link

Hence Lake Langano is home to a wide and diverse range of wildlife. Home to countless indigenous species, some of the animals that live here include hippos, monkeys, baboons, warthogs, and a variety of birds along with the abovementioned five species of fishes in which Dolphins are not included. 

Link to image source 

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Despite the fact that Ethiopia is one of the most recommended extraordinary places in the world to visit, from the jagged peaks of the Simien Mountains to the Danakil Depression and its impressive Lakes, the information published by the website that lake Langano is a marine home to Dolphins and is located in Gambella Regional State is wrong.   
Therefore, HaqCheck has counter-checked the facts presented in the article and rendered it False.

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