A Facebook page with more than 38 thousand followers shared four images on Nov 18, 2022, claiming that the pictures are of a design of a satellite town to be built in Addis Ababa. The post also states that the satellite town (aka the Chaka Project) covers a large swath of land stretching from around Entoto to Tafo.

The Facebook post was viral and was shared many times on the same platform.

However, HaqCheck confirmed that the images don’t show a design of the so-called project and rendered it as False.

Since the coming of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) to the premiership, the government launched ambitious projects in the capital city.

Among these fancy projects are Entoto Park, Friendship Park, Unity Park, the Meskel Square Underground Parking Lot, the Beautifying Sheger riverside project, the Science Museum, and the Abrehot Library. All except the riverside project are completed and open for visitors.

Reports show that the Office of the Prime Minister is undertaking the construction of a satellite town which will comprise a new national palace.

The project will lay on a thousand hectares of land in the Yeka district of Addis Ababa.

On Nov 15, 2022, Prime Minister Abiy (PhD) told members of the Parliament that the government is constructing a modern satellite town that will cost billions of dollars.

In this context, a claim emerged on Facebook sharing four images alleging that the pictures were of the design of the satellite town which is currently under construction.

Nonetheless, HaqCheck found out that the pictures don’t show the design of the alleged project.

The first image was published on a website on  Jul 15, 2010, and allegedly shows a design of a hotel in Moscow, Russia.

The second, third, and fifth pictures of the post are of a design of a smart forest city in Mexico. The images were first published on a website in October 2019.

The fourth image shows an overhead shot of Entoto Natural Park built on the northern outskirts of Addis Ababa.

Therefore, HaqCheck rated the post as False.

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