UNICEF Job Advertisement Scam

A job advertisement claiming that UNICEF is hiring 2,800 workers in 6 regions of Ethiopia has been circulating widely on social media. The advertisement asks for 100 Birr for the registration application form and urges potential applicants to pay the fee in advance via CBE Birr or Telebir.

Later on, the post was confirmed to be a hoax and did not come from the alleged organization, UNICEF Ethiopia. UNICEF Ethiopia has issued an official statement denouncing the fraudulent job advertisement. According to the organization, such an advertisement does not originate from UNICEF, and it has been falsely circulated. UNICEF asserts that its genuine job advertisements are only posted on the UNICEF Careers website, ensuring transparency and authenticity.

In addition, UNICEF has stated that it does not charge money for the recruitment process and that it does not ask for bank details.

Alleged Creation and Distribution of Improvised Rifle to Fano Militiamen in Amhara Region

A Facebook post appeared sharing an image with a claim that an individual in the Amhara region has purportedly built an improvised rifle using scrap materials and subsequently distributed it to Fano militiamen. The claim suggests that this weapon has been assembled using rudimentary means and has been supplied to Fano armed groups in the area.

However, through investigation, the origins of the image were traced back to the video from September 2021, which was posted on Facebook.

A False Image of Military Vehicles Belonging to OLA

A Twitter post emerged sharing an image with a claim that an ethnic attack occurred in Alem Tena town, Oromia region, where Amhara individuals were targeted and harmed by Oromo militants.

The accompanying image depicts military vehicles with a flag that belongs to both the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA).

However, the image was altered and doesn’t support the claim. The original image was published for the first time on Facebook in June 2020. The original image shows military vehicles with Ethiopian flags.


Job seekers should be wary of any job advertisements that ask for money or bank details. Social media users should be aware of such fraudulent activities and rely on authentic sources while seeking employment opportunities.

Social media users must approach instant claims with skepticism and verify their authenticity before sharing them. It is recommended to seek out original and reliable sources of information.

HaqCheck encourages government agencies and other institutions to provide timely updates and clarifications to the public and media. Furthermore, it is important to respect citizens’ right to access information in its entirety.

Content creators on social media should assume responsibility and refrain from participating in the dissemination of disinformation.

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