HaqCheck is re-established under a new corporate identity and social media platforms and will operate independently under a civil society association called Inform Africa. One of the pioneering initiatives of countering disinformation in Ethiopia, HaqCheck has been working on fact-checking projects under Addis Zeybe Digital Media, publishing its productions in English and four other local languages. 

The re-establishment is necessitated with the supposition of creating its own distinctive identity, increasing its visibility, engaging & building its own audience more profoundly, and realizing its vision of being one of the significant fact-checking and media literacy initiatives in the country and the region at large. 

First established under Addis Zeybe digital media, HaqCheck had been monitoring and verifying false information from social and mainstream media. It has been undertaking fact-checking work for the past 10 months, during which time it has published over 200 fact-checked articles and analyses, in English and four local languages (Amharic, Afaan Oromo, Tigrinya, and Somali). 

Despite a previous in-existence of fact-checking discipline, and professional training in the Ethiopian media landscape, HaqCheck has managed to build the professionalism of its team and maintain standards in its works. 

In addition to the periodical fact-checking articles, HaqCheck prepares weekly and monthly disinformation/ misinformation trend summaries apparent in the media landscape coupled with recommendations aimed at countering disinformation. The fact-checking publication content is also discussed in the weekly video presentation on YouTube. 

Hence, starting from the Ethiopian new year, Sep 11, 2021, HaqCheck will be operating with its new corporate identity under Inform Africa, while being an affiliate of Addis Zeybe Digital Media. Its fact-checking works will be published on its own FacebookTwitter, and Telegram social media platforms.  

We would like to call on our partners, stakeholders, the media community, and our audience to follow us on our new platforms and maintain their professional partnership in the remarkable work of countering disinformation. 

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For further information, please contact 

Rehobot Ayalew

Lead Fact-checker 

E-mail: haqcheck@gmail.com 
           : rehobot.ay@gmail.com


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