Two Facebook pages, West Gojjam Communications which has more than fifty-six thousand followers, and ShegerTimes-ሽገር ታይምስ with close to half a million followers shared an image on Nov 28, 2022, claiming that the picture shows a 25-meter tall human skeleton recently excavated in a small village in the West Gojjam zone of Amhara regional state.

The image-backed posts made by the Facebook pages went viral and gained many reactions on the same platform.

However, HaqCheck confirmed that the image doesn’t show a 25-meter-tall giant human skeleton discovered in the West Gojjam zone of the Amhara region. Therefore, the claim was rated False.

Prehistoric human skeletons and fossils have been excavated in Ethiopia. Archeologists discovered 3.2 million years old pieces of human fossils in a place called Hader in Afar regional state in 1974.

On this basis, a social media claim emerged and alleged that a 25-meter-tall human skeleton was recently discovered near a cemetery in the West Gojjam zone of the Amhara regional state. HaqCheck observed two viral Facebook posts using the same image to support the same claim.

HaqCheck investigated the image that was presented to back the claim. However, the image doesn’t show a 25-meter tall giant human skeleton recently found in the alleged area.

The picture was taken from an online publication made in September 2013. The image shows a giant prehistoric human skeleton excavated in the Sahara Desert in Niger by a scientist named Paul Sereno.

The image was also used in a documentary film named Skeletons Of The Sahara, produced by National Geographic Television.Therefore, HaqCheck rendered the claim False.

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