A claim appeared on Facebook on Feb 15, 2022 that Tamrat Negera, editor-in-chief of Terara Network, was released from prison. The caption of the Facebook post which shared a picture that shows Tamrat Negera and others reads, “We were told by our brother Yonas Weldeyes that Tamrat Negera is released. Extrajudicial detention has to be stopped.”

Tamrat Negera was arrested on Dec 10, 2021. He was taken from his house and his whereabouts were not disclosed for a week. Later, he appeared at court on Dec 16.

After the arrest, Addis Ababa Police transferred the journalist to Gelan City Police Department in the Oromia Regional State.

His case was finally transferred to the state of emergency so that the detainee wouldn’t need another court appearance schedule.

On Feb 15, 2022 the House of Peoples’ Representatives lifted the state of emergency that was declared in the beginning of November last year.

Henceforth, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission released a statement and urged the government that people detained in relation to the state of emergency should be released.

It is in this scenario the claim that Tamrat Negera is released from prison emerged.

However, the image used in the post was first published on Facebook on Aug 7, 2021 by the name Tamrat Negera. The image was also recently shared along with a tweet that demands the release of Tamrat Negera on Feb 14. The caption of the tweet made on Feb 14, 2022 reads, “If the Parliament lifted the state of emergency, I hope Tamrat Negera and others detained in relation to the state of emergency would be released.”

Moreover, HaqCheck instantly reached out to Tamrat Negera’s family and confirmed that he was not released yet. 

Therefore, HaqCheck rated the post FALSE.

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