A Twitter account with more than 4 thousand followers shared two images with a descriptive text on Jul 26, captioned “Amhara people in Ethiopia every place been targeted by their identity by the genocidal government of Ethiopia.” One of the images is a graphic image of a slaughtered child and the other shows a pile of corpses of massacred people.

However, HaqCheck inspected the image and rendered the post Partly-False.

There have been various reports of ethnically targeted mass killings and massacres in West Oromia [Wollega] at different times.

On June 18, there were different reports that more than 100 people were massacred in Wollega. The government and different reports claimed that the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA)-Shane is behind the mass killings. 

However, the international spokesperson of the OLA, Odda Tarbbi denied the claim that OLA soldiers conducted a massacre in Wollega, but rather that the killings were perpetrated by local militia.

The tweet is thus produced in the context of this situation.

In an effort to examine the image, HaqCheck found one of the images posted on Jul 5, 2022, on different social media platforms. All the posts related to the image reported the ethnic-based massacre in Wollega conducted on Amharas. According to our search, the image first appeared for the first time on this day claimed to picture massacred Amharas.  



However, HaqCheck discovered the other image published on Mar 12, 2018, on the website called BIAtimes.org under the headline “Nigeria: Fulani Herdsmen Invade Primary School in Ogun State Killing Children.” 


Fulani herdsmen are believed to be responsible for thousands of death in Nigeria’s Middle Belt, mostly in terror attacks committed against Christian farming communities. But the conflict is complicated: While the Fulani are Muslim, religion is only one aspect of the attacks waged in Nigeria in recent years. Fulani Herdsmen are the fourth most deadly terrorist organization and are responsible for a series of killings in Nigeria, especially against the Christians and the Nigerian Government led by President Buhari has failed to bring them to book.

According to BIAtimes.org Fulani herdsmen invade St.John’s Anglican Primary School Agodo, Ogun State Nigeria, and turned the school into a pool of the blood of innocent, little kids and students. 

Even though there have been reports of massacres conducted on Amharas in Wollega, one of the images doesn’t show the atrocity committed on Amhara people in Ethiopia.
Therefore HaqCheck Analysed the post and rendered it as Partly-False.

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